Black or White


Black or white
Coffee or tea
What is the most I actually need?

Is it possible to take them both?
Is it possible to not make a choice?

It is selfish, I know. But the problem is; I like them both.

When it's summer I miss the winter.
When it's winter I miss the summer.

I think I just need to give it time, give everything time before I say goodbye.

Seasons can't ever be present at the same time, so I guess I just need to choose which one my favourite is.

Black or white
Black or white

Soon you will be mine.

Door: anoniem

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I think you don't have to choose, because it is what it is. Sometimes it's warm, sometimes it's cold and there are things we can't choose. Because who want sadness and illness? We just can choose how we deal with this.....How are you doing now?

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Heel goed.

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