Keep holding on

At some point in your life you'll search for the kid back inside of you.
That innocent child, full of joy. Every year that you grow up you start loosing your innocence, your joy, yourself. You are feeling like that now, right? Are you searching for the old you? I bet you're looking at old photos of you, where you play with some kind of toys and you're asking yourself what happened to you. Why did you change? It's because you grew up.
I know that you hoped to stay the same but life lets nothing remain as it is. The world changes, you change. And you have to realize that everything looses it's innocent side, some before others. When times are rough and you think that you're not yourself anymore, just keep holding on, because you know that you'll make it through the storm. There is nothing you can say nor you can do, there is no other way when it comes to the truth. So keep holding on.

Door: skullsmiler

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Dank je wel iedereen!
Yes, keep holding on. Deep inside you there is always that innocent child.

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Jeetje, herken het zo... Heb ooit ook een gedicht geschreven: Toen ruimden kinderen hun speelgoed op. Daar moest ik weer aan denken bij het lezen van jouw gedicht. prachtig geschreven.

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