deze gedicht is over zelfmoord.
vroeger ik had veel problemen dus ik dacht veel over zelfmoord maar nu het is ok

He was trapped behind the lines in a world that's full of crimes.
He wasn't happy , not at all. Until he pulled out a rope.
He wrapped the rope around the lamp and pulled a chair on which he has stand.
He took his last hopeless breath and grant a greeting to his death. His wish was simple, short en clear.
To get rid of his biggest fear.

Hij werd opgesloten achter de linies in een wereld die vol is van misdaden.
Hij was niet gelukkig, helemaal niet. Tot hij haalde een touw.
Hij wikkelde het touw rond de lamp en trok een stoel waarop hij heeft staan.
Hij nam zijn laatste hopeloze adem en het verlenen van een groet aan zijn dood. Zijn wens was eenvoudig, kort en duidelijk.
Om zich te ontdoen van zijn grootste angst.

Door: ijzhang

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Of course you do it in your own way! That's the freedom we all have. And no, we can't change the past, I think that our only choice is how to deal with it. For now I wish you a good turning of the year and all the best for 2015!

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poepe leven = poepe leven. life is poop. but i think its fine, you cant change the past so why not just ignore it and move on
What do you mean? 'Poepleven' in Dutch? (hahaha) If it's that, then I agree, live can be mean and hard sometimes! Good that you're an open person, so why not talk about the bad and sad feelings? And I don't mean a professional worker, but a friend or another person you trust? My experience is that you can ignore the bad stuff for some time, but it stays there on the background and makes you feel horrible. When you let it out then you give yourself space again! I think it’s very strong that you focus on education, but please, give attention to your inner feelings too!

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Nah im an open person, i talk about everthing to anyone. Idk im just depressed an oh well happens, im trying to ignore the bad stuff and just focus on education but i cant cos of hospital en psycologist apoinments >:( poepe leven

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