Do you realize you’re a danger?
She used to be so many girls in one
And every time you told her you were done
Another died, inside her mind
Another day she lives to mourn her fallen ghosts
The pieces of herself you cut away
Do you realize you’re a danger?
That every time you lift her higher
She hits the rocks much harder than before?
Breaks apart her self a little more, for you
For the promise of a long forgotten truth
A different girl is living inside now
She can’t remember how to feel her youth
A casualty of doubts you freely gave
New shells of fear that used to hide behind
The sweet shroud of your smile, when it was love
Love as wide as all the oceans
Now she numbs with liquid poison so the darker memories will pause
So she’ll never feel the fall until she’s gone
But you’ll just keep on living as you are
You’ll disregard another until
You’re the one discarded then
You’ll be the one who’s guarded
With a heart inside of iron gates
Smaller from the war of being left
Harder from the scars of fighting lips
Her ghosts stand in the ship that bears your name
Just fragments of the girl before you came

Door: engeltje

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wauw, heel erg mooi beschreven! bedankt voor het delen.

Meld misbruik!
wauh... van wie is dit! xxx

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