We Could Have Been Really Good Friends

---- Amanda Helm - We Could Have Been Really Good Friends

Sometimes I think that everyplace we went together is ruined now. I can’t go to the park or the movies or that taco bell anymore, because your shadow still lingers there. I remember the night you begged me to stay and I wondered what you looked like screaming at your computer screen, so far away. Maybe this makes me the worst person ever, but I don’t regret breaking your heart. I don’t regret sending you away when you couldn’t keep your hands off of me.
You’re somewhere in Georgia or California and you probably hate me as much as I hate my passenger seat and the way it smelled after you sat in it. You probably hate me for letting you go just as much as I hate myself for letting you hold me.

I grew my hair out to the length you had it when we broke up and I want to shave it all off, just so I don’t have to see you in my mirror every morning.

I wish we had met in Pompeii right before Vesuvius erupted, destroying everything nearby. I wish we had met right before Hurricane Ivan came to Florida and destroyed homes and businesses. I wish we had met under the ocean or in the great night sky, so all once we were over,
once we were through,
everything we ever knew, every place we ever went,
would be gone.
We wouldn’t have to remember each other,
we could just forget and one day pass each other in the Metro
like nothing every happened, like we never happened.

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