I'm sorry mom

Een gedicht van © Zonda Davis

I’m sorry mom, for the things I put you through
I’m sorry mom, for not doing the things you wanted me to do
I’m sorry mom, for leaving you so soon
I’m sorry mom, for that call you got that afternoon
Leaving you was, the last thought on mind
Just like so many, I guess it was just my time

I thought about you, the last minutes of my life
I thought about my son and I even thought about my wife
But momma I can imagine, how this must be for you
Because I see you, when you are alone
When nobody else do

I don’t want you to feel so much pain
There’s really no one to blame
Tell dad to stop grieving
I see his pain as well

I almost didn’t make it in
Ya'll know the life I live
But I had a second chance
And the Lord heard my prayer

My life wasn’t taking instance
I had time to repent
I ask the lord to wash my sins
And show me a better way
He opens up new doors for me
And here is where I stay
So tell everyone who doubted me
I made it anyway

I’m sorry mom for leaving you, without saying goodbye
I’m sorry mom for hurting you, I still see you cry
I’m sorry mom, but be happy , I got my wings its true
Something no one ever thought,
So the next time I see you crying, it’s my wing that will be holding you

I’m so sorry mom, and I will always, always love you.

Door: engeltje

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Wat een mooi, maar verdrietig gedicht. Zo veel pijn bij mom en dad en bij de schrijver zelf, vind ik. So the next time I see you crying, it’s my wing that will be holding you. Wat zal deze moeder zijn arm missen! Zou wel meer willen weten van Zonda Davis. Dank voor het plaatsen, Engeltje!
Wat een mooie gedicht! Dankjewel
Erg mooi, een gedicht om meerdere keren te lezen. Dank je wel!

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