Thank God

Thank You

You Know What? Thank God for my sadness, because it reminds me to be grateful in times of happiness. Thank God for my trials, because it makes me appreciate what I have and will be given. Thank God for my weakness, because it drives away arrogance and pride. Thank God for my regrets, because it makes me hope for betterment and try harder to achieve more. Thank God for my defeats, because it humbles me in times of victory. Thank God for my fear, because it pushes me towards hope. If I’m still alive, I still have the chance to make my future. And attaining success in this life and the next will turn my past into the night before dawn. I need to do my best so I can be what I want to be- a woman who’s strong because of humbleness, gratitude, and virtue. I’m going to become stronger so I can make peace with my past and strive whole-heatedly towards the future. Bismillah.

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